Yukon Gear Waylay for Women ~ Diane Hassinger

Yukon Gear is a large portion of my hunting clothes. For 2015 they have come out with many new styles for women, including the Waylay Outer layer Pants and the matching Women’s 1/4 Zip Base layer top. Paired together, you … Continue reading

Yukon Gear Parka and Bibs~ Diane Hassinger

I spent much of last year’s hunting season in the snow and cold weather. I was able to ward off the cold temperatures by layering my clothing, and for my outer layer, I chose Yukon Gear. There is not much … Continue reading

Yukon Gear Ladies Jacket‭ ~‬ Leann Blasko

I am a coat snob!‭ ‬I own a lot of different coats and often I am disappointed by the lack of versatility in them.‭ ‬Either the coats are tight and restrict my movement or they are simply not cut out for weather … Continue reading