Pretty Hunter Round Rebel Necklace – JoAnn Herbert

While attending the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA, I noticed the Pretty Hunter booth. When I say noticed, I just stopped walking because the necklaces and bracelets immediately caught my eye.  I don’t wear much jewelry but I … Continue reading

Scentlok Enforcer-Personal Ozone Generator by JoAnn Herbert

I wasn’t sure what to think when first looking at the Scentlok Enforcer Personal Ozone Generator.  There have been various types of ozone generators showing up in the marketplace and I was wondering if this was a fad or not. … Continue reading

RedHead Liner Gloves by JoAnn Herbert

The hunting season usually involves different combinations of weather; from 80 degrees on opening day to below freezing in the dead of winter.  I found out very quickly that hunting required a bit larger wardrobe than just a pair of … Continue reading

BoneView Trail Camera Viewer by JoAnn Herbert

I have a love/hate relationship with trail cameras and all the accompanying equipment that goes with them.  They are a fantastic tool to see a glimpse of time into a certain area and its inhabitants.  There is a lot leg … Continue reading

SkullMAX by JoAnn Herbert

Last month, while attending the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA, I ran across SkullMAX – a European Skull Mounting system.  The fact that this mounting system can rotate the skull 360 degrees was the reason I stopped and … Continue reading

The Sportsman’s Box by JoAnn Herbert

It amazes me that every year, without fail, it seems that I need more hunting “stuff”. Sometimes I run across a product only to think wow-I could have used this last year!  Recently I met Adam Whitehead, the Co-Founder of … Continue reading

CarboMask-Ultimate Hunter’s Shampoo by JoAnn Herbert

Scent control, or lack of, can be a main concern for many hunters & huntresses. Months of preparation involving hanging stands, clearing shooting lanes or just raking a path to your stand can all be for nothing if the deer … Continue reading

Big John’s Ol’West BBQ & Dipping Sauce by James Valley Scents – JoAnn Herbert

It’s a tough job to try out a barbecue sauce, but I’m up for a challenge! I originally contacted James Valley Scents about their scent products, primarily deer lures. Then I found out about their barbecue sauce, and I thought … Continue reading

CarboMask Face Paint by JoAnn Herbert

Face paint and I have never gotten along.  I have found some products to be messy or stain both my clothes and skin. I then resorted to face masks which leads me to fidget with the position of the face … Continue reading

VTX Bow Strings-Vapor Trail Archery by JoAnn Herbert

So you’ve visited archery shops, talked to people about bows they would recommend, agonized over draw length, brace height, and sometimes the color of the bow. You’ve gotten advice about arrows and releases, and let’s not even get into the … Continue reading