Walker’s Muffs ~ Leann Blasko

When teaching my children gun basics, I Always hit the 4 rules of Gun Safety; 1. The gun is always loaded, 2. Never point the gun at something you are not prepared to destroy, 3. Always be sure of your … Continue reading

The Sportsman’s Box by JoAnn Herbert

It amazes me that every year, without fail, it seems that I need more hunting “stuff”. Sometimes I run across a product only to think wow-I could have used this last year!  Recently I met Adam Whitehead, the Co-Founder of … Continue reading

FLUGZ Hearing Protection ~ Judy Black

It is whitetail season in Michigan so it is the perfect time to test the new FLUGZ, formable hearing protection. Whether you are 8 or 80, ear protection is very important. Did you know that a normal conversation is between … Continue reading

Big Game International Hunting Accessories ~ Sarah Brandon

Big Game International offers a wide variety of hunting, fishing, camping, marine and fitness products, that will fit into everyone’s lifestyle and budget. Among the hunting accessories that they offer are the Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity Pink Camo Silverleaf Daypack, and … Continue reading

ELVEX Safety Products – Ariel McCracken

When it comes to safety and the outdoors, we often times neglect to think of protecting our senses, especially our hearing and our vision–two of which are pertinent to our overall health and well-being as individuals. There is that initial … Continue reading

NEW Bone Collector Line of Safety Products by Radians – Diane Hassinger

I recently received a box from Radians containing a selection of their Bone Collector line of products.  When I opened the box, I saw quality safety glasses and hearing protection.When my grandkids looked in the box, they saw “BONE COLLECTOR … Continue reading

Radians for Youth and Women – Diane Hassinger

I have been using Radians products for more years than I am going to admit to in writing.  Many years ago I was suffering from an inner ear problem, and I couldn’t be around shooting without being in pain. My … Continue reading