HALO Optics XL450 Laser Rangefinder ~ Nancy Jo Adams

Several bowhunters that I know don’t own a rangefinder for one reason or another. They are either very good at judging yardage or extremely lucky with their guesses. I found out on a recent bowhunting trip how important it is … Continue reading

Ethics Archery – The Spinning Insert ~ Jennifer Metzker

One thing that I dislike about archery season is having to re-sight my crossbow in with broad heads. The Ethics Archery – The Spinning Insert ~ Jennifer Metzkerpossibility of dulling my brand new broad head blades, or stripping vanes off … Continue reading

The Sportsman’s Box by JoAnn Herbert

It amazes me that every year, without fail, it seems that I need more hunting “stuff”. Sometimes I run across a product only to think wow-I could have used this last year!  Recently I met Adam Whitehead, the Co-Founder of … Continue reading

TRUGLO Dual Color Open Red Dot Crossbow Sight ~ Diane Hassinger

For the last six years, I have been a dedicated crossbow hunter for the archery seasons. I had to turn to the crossbow after a battle with breast cancer, which left me unable to pull a compound bow. Since then, … Continue reading

CarboMask Face Paint by JoAnn Herbert

Face paint and I have never gotten along.  I have found some products to be messy or stain both my clothes and skin. I then resorted to face masks which leads me to fidget with the position of the face … Continue reading

VTX Bow Strings-Vapor Trail Archery by JoAnn Herbert

So you’ve visited archery shops, talked to people about bows they would recommend, agonized over draw length, brace height, and sometimes the color of the bow. You’ve gotten advice about arrows and releases, and let’s not even get into the … Continue reading

30-06 Outdoors Deluxe Camo Crossbow Case-By JoAnn Herbert

Usually my crossbow gets thrown in the back seat of the truck on top of my clothes, camera bag, or whatever might be needed for the hunt. Bumps, scrapes, and just the exposure of having my crossbow hanging out in … Continue reading

Hushpuk – Mackenzie Walters

Most bow hunters have an opinion on crossbows–you are either for them or against them. One thing all bow hunters can agree on is crossbows can be loud. Products to reduce noise and vibration have been developed for both compound bows … Continue reading

Fletch Weld and Insert Weld by 30-06 Outdoors – JoAnn Herbert

  Considering that I try to shoot my bow everyday, its little wonder that on a fairly regular basis the unmistakable sound of a loose vane is heard in my back yard. You know that sound–it’s like a little motor … Continue reading

HME Products Bag Target Stand – Diane Hassinger

Like most archers, I own a lot of targets, including several bag targets. I have always just sat them on the ground and they function fine, as a target, but they get filthy and covered with slugs. HME Products has … Continue reading