Buck Folding Hunter Knife ~ Diane Hassinger

My first knife as a child was a Buck knife! I can remember feeling so “adult” that my parents trusted me with my very own pocket knife. I used it for everything; cutting bales of hay, opening feed sacks, cutting … Continue reading

Buck Bantam Series Knives in Muddy Girl Camo ~ Diane Hassinger

The first knife my parent’s bought me as a child was a Buck. When my children were young, I purchased them their first Buck knife, and again when my grandchildren were ready for their first knives. I hope to live … Continue reading

Buck Knives® Bantam Knife – Nancy Jo Adams

I have owned several knives over the last decade and usually for only a brief period of time because they just didn’t meet my expectations. Over the last year alone I went through 3 knives and gave all of them … Continue reading