Slumberjack Wild Her Hunting Backpack ~ Diane Hassinger

The Slumberjack’s Wild-Her backpack designed to fit a woman’s torso comfortably.
Photo: Slumberjack

Most of my hunting involves hiking into stands, which I usually stay in all

The Wild-Her pack can hold everything you need while you are out hunting. Various pockets and loops allow your necessities to have a home in the pack.
Photo: Dale Hassinger

day. It is important to take everything I am going to need for the entire day, even if I get lucky enough to tag out early. Slumberjack has a new backpack out just for the women, the Wild-Her is designed specifically for the women hunter, and has been contoured to fit the hip, torso and shoulder. The Wild-Her has a full 2016 cubic inches of volume, which while that is a difficult number to comprehend, it suffices to say you can easily fit everything you need for the day iin it. There are various pockets, and places to clip on numerous items. The hardest part will be remembering where you put everything, I keep my most used items in the 2 hip belt pockets, including my flashlight and hand warmers, and my id and licenses in the inside zippered compartment. There is also a built in versatile multi weapon carry system, which can transport your rifle or bow, and I have used it many times to carry my crossbow in and out of the woods.

The size is designed for the women’s body, with the height being 21″ and the width 15′. The depth can be maxed out at 11″ and the whole pack empty weighs in at just over 3 pounds. The single aluminum stay and HDPE frame sheet help you manage those heavy loads, while the self canting shoulder straps contour to your shoulders and help distribute the weight for comfort. This pack is also hydration compatible, however I didn’t utilize that part of the pack. All of these components are wrapped in a Kryptek Highlander camo pattern.

Sarah managed to use my Wild-Her pack for her last hunt of the year. Photo: Dale Hassinger

My tree stand is about a 10 minute walk from the hard road, cutting through some of the fields that are bedding and feeding areas. I like to be in the stand well before daylight, and generally it is well past dark when I venture back out. Even in the winter, my day sit can be 10 hours in the stand. I needed a way to pack in food, drink, hand warmers, binoculars, rangefinders, weapon and accessories, and all the other incidentals you might need while hunting. Take into account that it is pitch black going in and coming out, so I need my hands free to use my flashlight when needed. I hang my pack from the stand using carabiners, so everything in my pack is easily accessible, and I am unlikely to knock the pack to the ground this way. My 15 year old granddaughter, who hunts a lot with me, likes the pack so much, I will be looking to add one for her in the near future.

The MSRP of the Wild-Her pack is $159.95 and information and ordering information can be found at


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