SlingHook by Talarik Outdoor Gear ~ Nancy Jo Adams

There is nothing more frustrating than having your rifle sling, gear bag, or other items hung from your shoulder shifting and falling off of your shoulder as you are scouting or walking into your stand. Adding a padded backpack shoulder sling, a turkey vest, or just extra thick layers of hunting clothes seems only to make matters worse.

The SlingHook by Talarik Outdoor Gear is designed to cure this issue, and not only is it designed to be used on padded backpack shoulder straps, but I found out this spring that it worked perfectly on my turkey hunting vest. The weatherproof SlingHook is made of indestructible injection molded nylon, that incorporates an industrial welded and sewn hook and loop strap that is adjustable to fit any width receiving strap or backpack shoulder strap.

The lightweight and small 2-1/2″ size of the SlingHook allows it to be worn virtually unnoticeably. The backside of the SlingHook has shallow molded sharp points that secure it in place.

The SlingHook proved its worth tenfold this past spring during turkey season scouting our hunting area carrying a shotgun, a turkey hunting stool, and a decoy bag. All three items hung by straps, a Limbsaver gun sling on my shotgun, a nylon strap on the folding stool, and a braided parachute cord strap on the decoy bag, were all held in place by the SlingHook allowing me to be hands-free to move scrub oak branches, standing brush, palmetto prawns, and to use my binoculars or turkey calls without struggling to keep the items hanging in place.

Even when bending down under larger branches or placing decoys, I could be hands-free from holding my shoulder hung items. When hunting hilly terrain, it was nice to be able to use my hands and arms to navigate as we were scouting; especially in Kansas where it snowed and the banks were slushy and slippery.

The SlingHook keeps you firearm, decoy bag, camera bag, or any item with a strap or sling where it needs to be for quick access. It can easily accommodate any style sling up to 9/16-inch. The SlingHook can be used on any thickness of padding on a shoulder strap on backpacks or turkey vests. Not only does it keep your gear where it needs to be it also offers you to carry your item cross-body style by swapping the SlingHook to the other side and positioning it where the strap will not chafe or cut into your neck.

The SlingHook can be used on the left or right side and can be changed to either side quickly. The hook and loop strap can be cut down if you find that the strap is too long. Placing your sling in the hook and removing it can be done quickly and easily.

The SlingHook is made in the USA, and the MSRP is an economical price of $19.99. You can find out more about this product by clicking here or to view more products by Talarik Outdoor Gear visit

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