Strut-No-More Turkey Totes by Owen Game Carrier ~ Nancy Jo Adams

Opening day is quickly approaching and I have started gathering and taking stock of my turkey hunting gear. Every year I say I am going to lighten my vest or include this, or include that. I keep a variety of larger gear in my turkey vest rear pocket designed for carrying a harvested bird so I always keep a turkey tote in my vest to carry my bird out of the woods.

In certain situations, I don’t wear my turkey vest so I am limited to the pockets of my jacket and pants to carry gear leaving me to having to carry a harvested bird over my shoulder, struggling with spurs jabbing in my wrist or shoulder. That is not an issue with the Strut-No-More Turkey Tote from Owen Game Carrier. The Strut-No-More Turkey Tote is small enough that it can be easily kept in a pant pocket and the compact one-ounce tote is virtually unnoticeable.

The tote allows for comfortable carrying in the looped wrist or handle style position without hand fatigue. Photo Credit: Life in Camo Media

The turkey tote is designed with quality 1” polypropylene webbing and 4mm Neoprene padding lined with a soft fabric for comfort. The Neoprene allows for padding when worn around the wrist or carried handle style over the shoulder. If you have ever carried a 25 pound plus bird out of the woods, wrestling with spurs jabbing at your hand and wrist, you will appreciate the comfort of the Strut-No-More turkey tote design. Each turkey tote has a sewn-on brand label and tag and can be easily identified in a backpack, turkey vest, or blind bag.

Easy to use by looping the larger loop through the smaller loop just above the spur and cinching down. Photo Credit: Life in Camo Media

The turkey tote is simple to use by placing the turkey’s legs on top of the tote, putting the big loop through the smaller loop, and then pulling the slack out of the loop that has been made around the turkey’s legs cinching the loop down tight. Make sure to have the loop above the turkey’s spurs. Place a hand through the loop and hoist the bird over your shoulder. The actual hand loop can be used around your wrist or as a handle style whichever is the most comfortable.

With the assistance of the loop, you can now easily and safely tote your turkey out of the woods without grip fatigue. If traversing some serious terrain, the turkey’s feet can be easily held for stability but the user will no longer have to grab the tom’s legs above the spurs making it possible for spurs to stick into wrists or shoulders.

The tote is available in small, medium and large and comes in maroon, hot pink, olive green, hunter orange, black, dark tan and tan. The turkey tote is rated at a 45-pound rating and can be used for right or left-handed carry. The MSRP on the Strut-No-More Turkey Tote is $8.99 each. Visit for more information or to order your turkey tote in time for opening day.

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