Scentlok Enforcer-Personal Ozone Generator by JoAnn Herbert

I wasn’t sure what to think when first looking at the Scentlok Enforcer Personal Ozone Generator.  There have been various types of ozone generators showing up in the marketplace and I was wondering if this was a fad or not. … Continue reading

Swhacker 3-Blade Broadheads ~ Diane Hassinger

Swhacker’s have been my mechanical broadhead of choice for many years now. I have harvested deer, bear, turkeys and hogs with them and I have complete faith in their ability to make a lethal shot on any animal I hunt. … Continue reading

Siberian Coolers ~ Leann Blasko

The cooler industry is a cutting edge industry, that companies have to be on the top of their game to be the best! In order to have the best insulation, a lot of coolers end up being large and are … Continue reading

Olympia Wilderness WD180 Lantern ~ Diane Hassinger

When we are camping with the family, space is always at a premium, so we tend to use small, efficient items. Using the Olympia Wilderness WD180 Lantern is one of those! We can pack it away in a space smaller … Continue reading

Thermacell Max Life Mosquito Repellent Mats and Scout Lantern ~ Diane Hassinger

Anyone who has hunted during mosquito season knows how fast they can ruin your hunt or even your whole trip. Most of the animals I like to hunt inhabit some of the worst mosquito infested areas you can imagine. I … Continue reading

Badlands Kali Fanny Pack ~ Diane Hassinger

I have the Badlands Kali backpack, and love it! So when I was looking for a smaller pack to either use with my back pack or alone, I was immediately drawn to the Kali Fanny Pack, and I couldn’t be … Continue reading