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Everywhere you look right now you see leggings, they are advertised as buttery soft, shape forming, and even as the perfect accessory. How many of these can boast the ability to conceal a firearm? One of my biggest complaints with leggings and other dress clothes is how difficult and uncomfortable it is to conceal my firearms.

The Original Concealment Leggings by UnderTech UnderCover, the leading brand of concealment clothing, have met my need to conceal while in dress clothes and more. The stylish and comfortable leggings are designed with women on the go in mind.

Featuring two holsters the concealment leggings have one in the back for traditional “kidney” carrying and one in the front for the other traditional “appendix” position. The two holsters allows the flexibility to choose your carry position based on comfort, clothing for the day, activity, and appearance. So not only can you choose what works best for you for that day but you can do it with the knowledge that both holsters feature a patent pending retention strap that helps secure your handgun yet make it readily available if you were to need it.

Leann wears her leggings for exercise and dressing up. Photo: Leann Blasko

Leann wears her leggings for exercise and dressing up.
Photo: Leann Blasko

After carrying my handgun in the leggings I quickly realized the holster not in use could be used to hold my phone and car keys! I love how versatile they are, I wear them for business, casual and even working out. I can wear them comfortably in the summer as they are designed with a 21” inseam, they hit me mid calf, and I wear them in the winter with a tall boot. I especially love wearing them under a dress or skirt, so I can carry my handgun securely and relax a little knowing everything is secure. Even with just a simple shirt on top I know my handgun will be concealed with ease and I don’t have to fret about storing it in my purse where my children, or someone else, can gain access to it.

While jogging by myself on country roads, I may have a half mile in between houses. I feel confident knowing if needed, my handgun is on my hip ready for any situation. We have bear and large dogs that roam unchecked, as well as being close enough to a major highway that I feel I need to be prepared for anything.

Leann's pistol is secure on long runs with the Concealment Leggings. Photo: Leann Blasko

Leann’s pistol is secure on long runs with the Concealment Leggings.
Photo: Leann Blasko

Caring for the leggings was a breeze, simply wash in cold water and hang to dry. I do not use fabric softener on my leggings as the manufacturer suggested. Available in XS thru XXXL in black the Original Concealment Leggings are available to purchase at http://www.undertechundercover.com/index.php/concealed-carry/womens-shorts-legging/original-concealment-legging.html and are available in left or right handed drawl, and with a MSRP of $79.99 they are sure to please!

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