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Walker's Game Ear Photo: http://www.gsmoutdoors.com/shopping/walkers/electronic-muffs/alpha-muffs-SS-pink-graphite.aspx

When teaching my children gun basics, I Always hit the 4 rules of Gun Safety; 1. The gun is always loaded, 2. Never point the gun at something you are not prepared to destroy, 3. Always be sure of your target and what is behind it, 4. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target. While these rules protect the shooter and everything around, it does not protect two of the most important tools your body has to offer, your eyes and your ears. Safety is my number goal while shooting, so we always wear ear protection while shooting, but what do you look for in ear protection? With so many options out there for ear protection why not look at the original Walker’s Muffs.

Walkers pink Graphite alpha Muffs boast 2 wind resistant high frequency, stereo microphones, making instruction and communication with others, while shooting, a breeze. With two independent volume controls you can adjust to hear your spotter or instructor with out having to listen to every other sound in the area. Like other electronic ear muffs, ambient noises do carry through the microphones, however I often just adjust my sound level. With a 50 db power I don’t mind some ambient noise as they do not allow the noise from shooting to come through.

Pink Graphite and Olive Ear Muffs. Photo:http://www.gsmoutdoors.com/shopping/walkers/electronic-muffs/alpha-muffs-SS-pink-graphite.aspx

Pink Graphite and Olive Ear Muffs.

These pink graphite muffs are slightly smaller to fit youth and women, they come in an olive color as well, both of which are on the slim/smaller size to fit youth and women better. With anti-microbial ear pads they stay cleaner longer and are easy to wipe clean before putting them away. With battery operated ear muffs you always need to remember to turn them off when you are finished, something I am not good at remembering. Often my battery dies out due to me being forgetful so be sure to pack a few extra AAA batteries in your range bag.

Recently, while sighting in a handgun, my daughter wanted to be able to watch. After outfitting her and adjusting the Walker’s Muffs, I felt confident that she could be present without damaging her hearing. She was pretty thrilled with the muffs being pink rather than a “boy” color. The best part was, I could explain different things to her while I was shooting, and she was able to hear me clearly the whole time. passive ear protection would have made that difficult. I will be adding the olive colored muffs to our range bag for my son, so he will have the same level of protection.

My range bag would not be complete without my Walker's! Photo:Leann Blasko

My range bag would not be complete without my Walker’s!
Photo:Leann Blasko

The original Walker’s ear muffs are available to purchase at http://www.gsmoutdoors.com/shopping/walkers/electronic-muffs/alpha-muffs-SS-pink-graphite.aspx. The MSRP of the pink graphite electronic ear muff is $69.99.

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