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Skullmax sideview

SkullMAX mount with a Hoof back plate. The SkullMAX system allows the head to be placed in various positions. This was a 10 point that gave me an opportunity at 10 yards. Photo Credit: JoAnn Herbert

Last month, while attending the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA, I ran across SkullMAX – a European Skull Mounting system.  The fact that this mounting system can rotate the skull 360 degrees was the reason I stopped and turned around just to get a better look.  The reason I stayed at the booth for quite a while was the two owners, Eric & Eddy Allred.  SkullMAX is a family owned company, and everything is handcrafted and made in the USA.  As we swapped stories and pictures of our hunts, I realized SkullMAX was created by a family that hunts and understands what the mounts represent to hunters.

With traditional mounts, different angles or scenery add to the presentation of your mount.  With SkullMAX, every day you can try out a different views or angles to tell the story of that hunt.

There is no denying that getting a deer head mounted in a traditional shoulder mount is getting more expensive. I am sure a lot of hunters share my concern as well: how to do justice to the hunt and the animal I took down while at the same time trying to keep expenses down?

With SkullMAX, a person could hang six European mounts in the same area that maybe three traditional mounts take up. And with an MSRP of $69.99 for the Original Mount, it would stand to reason you will spend less. At the same time, those same European mounts can all be in different angles or different sides of the SkullMAX mounting system.  The next day you can switch it all up again.

Skullmax side view

Another view of SkullMAX Original mounting system with Hook Back plate. Thank you SkullMAX for the room between those mounts! I need to go hunting! Photo credit: JoAnn Herbert

This review is for the SkullMAX Original mounting system with a Hoof Back plate.  SkullMAX also has Mountain back plates.  If you don’t want either of these back plates, that’s fine and actually adds to the versatility of this product as the Original Mount can actually be installed right in a wall corner.

For larger heads, such as Moose or Elk, check out SkullMAX’s Mega Mount selection!

The Skullmax system MSRP:
MRSP for the Original SkullMAX system: $69.99
MSRP for the Hoof or Mountains Back Plate for the original mount system: $9.99 each plate

You can find more information on SkullMAX, a photo gallery, and of course, go shopping on their website:

SkullMAX can be found on Facebook as well: SkullMAX Facebook page

Skullmax further out-attachment

Close up of the SkullMAX attachment. An allen key is provided to tighten down the screw. Photo credit: JoAnn Herbert

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