A Tour of the True Timber Factory ~ Jennifer Metzker

Photo courtesy of True Timber

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to tour the True Timber Factory in Inman, SC. I have always enjoyed stopping by the outlet store and picking up some new camouflage apparel or camouflage fabric. My family has shopped there ever since they opened the outlet store, after all it is only a thirty minute ride from my home. For some reason, I  always thought that True Timber was just a huge warehouse where the owners stored their camouflage items waiting to be shipped out to various companies. But I soon found out, there is so much more going on inside that warehouse.

After several communications with  Eric Bondy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, he invited me down to True Timber last week and he was kind enough to give me the tour. I met with Eric in the lobby. This isn’t your usual drab lobby with old magazines and stiff chairs. No, this is a huge room that is lined with various deer and turkey mounts. Other mounts intertwined with different items all in one of the many patterns that True Timber has to offer. Off to the side is a little section of camouflage furniture, several chairs that were covered with True Timber Fabric. Eric and I spoke for a few minutes and then proceed to walk through towards the back of the building.

Another new pattern from True Timber is the HTC Green. Photo: True Timber

Another new pattern from True Timber is the HTC Green. Photo: True Timber

As we strolled through the 150,000 square foot facility, we came to a huge machine. This station is where the camouflage is actually applied onto the fabric. A roll of camo printed paper and blank white fabric hung on the back of a huge machine. As the fabric and printed paper were rolled through the machine, they were heated and the camo print was transferred onto the fabric. The finished camouflage came out the other side of the machine, cooled and was rolled up. The rolls of fabric were then placed aside until needed. Moving through the factory, we discussed the different types of fabrics for each application and how certain fabrics held the colors of the camouflage better than others. At the next station, two men were rolling out a different camouflage fabric to cut. They were not going to be cutting one piece of fabric at a time, but multiple layers of fabric at once. These cuts of fabric are for various items like pants, shirts or even the leafy green suits that True Timber offers. As we strolled through the factory, we came upon a small room with several ladies at sewing tables working diligently assembling different items. I was amazed by the amount of work that took place in the huge building. We continued through into room after room where there were several other people working on items that were not camouflage. While True Timber makes camouflage fabric and apparel, they also make guitar cases and pistol holsters for other companies.  These items were not camouflage, but basic black items.

Eric and I made our way back to the front of the building into another room. “Let me show you this, I’m really excited about this product”, Eric said. Eric then drew out the new line of apparel that True Timber unveiled at the ATA and Shot show. Among the new products to be released this summer, is the heated jacket and pants.  The jacket has heated gloves and the pants come with heated socks. This combo will allow any hunter to sit longer and more comfortably in the coldest conditions!

This year, will prove to be another successful year for True Timber as they have turned out a brilliant new pattern called “Kanati”. The name Kanati is Cherokee for “First Man” and it was Kanati that taught the people the skill of hunting. And be assured, Kanati is the most realistic camouflage pattern that you have yet to see in other camouflage.

Photo courtesy of True Timber

The new Kanati camo pattern by True Timber. Photo: True Timber

True Timber produces almost 90% of their products in that factory, something they are very proud to claim. They have provided jobs for the surrounding community members and have a quality product with the “Made in America” label. I really enjoyed the tour of the True Timber Factory and I learned so much from the tour and in speaking with Eric. I will never call True Timber a warehouse again, it is truly a factory!

If you are interested in True Timber products go to www.truetimber.com or stop by the Outlet Store located at 150 Accurate Way, Inman, SC 29349. Outlet Store hours are Tuesday thru Saturday 9 am to 5 pm.


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