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Photo Courtesy of Ethics Archery

One thing that I dislike about archery season is having to re-sight my crossbow in with broad heads. The Ethics Archery – The Spinning Insert ~ Jennifer Metzkerpossibility of dulling my brand new broad head blades, or stripping vanes off my bolts plays on a slightly Obsessive Compulsive person, such as myself. But re-sighting is a necessary step to ethical hunting. I had the opportunity recently to try a product that claims to help the broad heads fly like field points, reducing the need to sight in the bolts or arrows with broad heads.  It is called the “Spinning Insert” from Ethics Archery.

Photo courtesy of Ethics Archery

Photo courtesy of Ethics Archery

The Spinning Insert is a neat little insert for arrows or bolts, which allows the broad head to spin freely in flight, reducing “fight or wind planning” against the fletching.  The result of the spinning insert is better accuracy, deeper penetration and cleaner kills. I was excited to try the insert with my broad heads, so off I went to the nearest archery shop to get some inserts put into new bolts. Unfortunately, the only bow shop in my area, had no interest in helping me out. After several emails and phone calls with Scott Gizowski (President of Ethic Archery), he was kind enough to set me up with six bolts and inserts. Three with static inserts for field points and three with the spinning inserts for broad heads. I took the bolts out and shot the field points first. The result was they all grouped tightly, but to the right. With a little adjusting of the sights, I had the bolts shooting straight bulls-eyes with every shot. The next step was to test the broad heads with the inserts. The end result, the broad heads shot exactly like the field points! I also noticed that they shot through the target farther than they had previously.They also shot very well in high wind conditions, with little flight variance. I was impressed and ready to get out in the field to really test the Spinning Inserts!

Shooting in high winds. Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Metzker

Shooting in high winds was not an issue, using the Ethics Archery Spinning Insert Shooting System.
Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Metzker


Deeper penetration Photo courtesy of Jennifer Metzker

Jennifer achieved eeper penetration with the Spinning Insert Shooting System.
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Metzker

The MSRP of the Spinning Insert Shooting System is $25.99. That price includes three static inserts and three spinning inserts. Ordering is made easy with a drop down list of every arrow, bolt and micro arrow available. And if you don’t want to mess with the inserts, Arrow packages are available also. If you have questions, I recommend calling or emailing Scott as he went above and beyond to meet my needs. The Spinning Inserts can be found at

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