Guide Gear Deer Cart – Jennifer L Metzker

The Georgia Land that we hunt is heavily wooded with mid-size pines. As we scouted last summer, we found a spot way back in the pines that we built a four-foot by six-foot tower stand. Concerned about the drag length, … Continue reading

Legacy Outdoor Products Trophy Tree Steps ~Ariel Druschel

  Lugging a tree stand into the woods can be an exhausting task, especially when you are carrying in a hang on tree stand.  Not only are you carrying the stand, but you are more than likely toting those bulky … Continue reading

Styrka S7 series Binocular ~ Leann Blasko

When hunting or spending a large quantity of time outdoors a good set of binoculars can make a big difference on your experience. Will you be able to identify that animal coming towards you at 200 yards or is it … Continue reading

Knasty Knot Lanyards ~ Jennifer L Metzker

  Last Duck Season, I was looking through Facebook when I came across a post about custom lanyards and duck totes; the company is called Knasty Knot Lanyards, and they are located in Louisiana.  I contacted the owner, Trevor West, … Continue reading

Hoo-rags for Hunting ~ Diane Hassinger

I have been wearing Hoo-rags bandanas for many years now. I first found them when I was testing for my Scuba diving certification. My dive instructor suggested I use one to help contain my hair, which was to short for … Continue reading