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Inova STS Headlamps available in three colors: charcoal, orange, and blue, shown with red and white LED lights on. Photo: Nite Ize Stock Photo

When it comes to hunting, having a quality headlamp to safely guide you in and out of the woods, especially during solo hunts, is very important and vital. Our eyes are a very powerful tool and can adjust to our surroundings overtime, but for many hunters, like myself, the trek into the woods before daybreak and the trek out after sunset, can often leave you feeling apprehensive and uneasy because of the darkness which surrounds you.  Safety and security are key to a successful hunt, and being able to feel comfortable from the time you enter the woods, until you make it back to your vehicle or quad, is essential. Having a very bright, crisp, and clear headlamp which emits a high lumen output takes the burden of uneasiness and the unknown, and allows for a comfortable and safe navigation through any terrain or limited visibility. The Nite Ize INOVA STS Headlamp makes navigation simple with its hands-free illumination and versatility.

The Inova STS Headlamp is not your typical headlamp–it features an innovative “Swipe-To-Shine” interface which allows for simple access to multiple modes, with just the swipe of your finger! No longer do you have to fumble for the button or switch on your headlamp which can sometimes be difficult to squeeze. Users can simply and quickly switch modes and adjust brightness/dimming levels with a simple swiping motion on the top surface of the headlamp by either swiping to the right (for red light) or to the left (for white light), or by holding your finger stable on one arrow, depending on the color and dimming/brightness desired. Users have countless options with the Inova STS Headlamp, as it doubles as a multi-mode, dual LED color headlamp with a white and red LED, which can be adjusted for dimming and brightening levels.


ANSI/NEMA FL1 Standards for the Inova STS Headlamp. Photo: Nite Ize Stock Photo

Because of the technology behind the Inova STS Headlamp, various light level outputs are obtainable, making for a very versatile headlamp. Lumens will vary depending on the mode level and LED color selection (white vs. red LED), but each LED color allows for five adjustable modes including: high, variable dim, medium, strobe, and lockout. The single, white LED light lumen output ranges from: High – 142 lumens, Medium – 40 lumens, and Low – 3 lumens. The two, red LED light lumen outputs for preserving night vision range from: High – 8 lumens, Medium – 2 lumens, and Low – 0.2 lumens. A benefit to this headlamp is that it is equipped with LED lights, which allows for an outstanding total run time and overall light longevity.  The Inova STS Headlamp meets ANSI/NEMA FL1 Standards, including the following specs for “Run Time”.  On the “High” mode, the white LED has a run time of 4 hours and 40 minutes and the red LED’s have a run time of 36 hours. On the “Medium” mode, the white LED has a run time of 26 hours and 40 minutes and the red LED’s have a run time of 317 hours. On the “Variable Dim-Low” mode, the white LED has a run time of 255 hours and the red LED’s have a run time of 602 hours.

With the variability of light modes, the Inova STS Headlamp will certainly provide you with numerous hours of operation and illumination on all of your hunts and outdoor adventures, while also providing you with reliability.  The headlamp takes three, AAA alkaline replaceable batteries. If you are concerned about accidentally activating the headlamp during transportation or storage in your backpack, you do not have to worry because the headlamp is equipped with a fully-programmed “Lockout” mode which can easily be enabled by activating the “Lockout” mode on the touch screen interface, with the positioning of two fingers on the touch screen swipe pad.

The Inova STS Headlamp is also very durable and sturdy, which is very desirable for the use of hunting and/or outdoor related activities and conditions. The headlamp is IPX-7, which is waterproof up to 1 meter and is created with a polycarbonate body which is impact resistant to 1 meter. The Inova STS Headlamp allows users to enjoy their hunts and outdoor activities with confidence knowing that they can withstand the elements in which they are exposed to and can rely on their highly illuminated light to help them easily navigate through various terrains and weather conditions.

My headlamp provided me with excellent illumination on a recent goose hunt to a blind I had won, in a new and unfamiliar area. Photo: Ariel McCracken

The headlamp is available in three body and strap colors including: charcoal, orange, and blue. The provided woven, elastic strap is extremely comfortable and easily adjustable to fit your head size, and can fit over your baseball cap or knitted hat smoothly. The headband fits diameters 6.5″ to 16″ (16.5cm to 40.6cm).  The headlamp itself can be adjusted to various angles to provide you with your desired angle of light range and securely locks into place to avoid from falling down when being used. The light also has a range output of up to 84 meters, to provide you with optimal illumination when walking in and out of the woods before dusk and after dawn.

The overall dimensions of the headlamp are: 1.9″ x 2.8″ x 1.7″ (47.2mm x 70.7mm x 42.2mm), with an overall weight of: 3.4oz (97.0g).

The Inova STS Headlamp features a Limited Lifetime Warranty USA and is available for an MSRP of $34.99. The Inova STS Headlamp can be purchased online at: To see a full list of available products from Nite Ize, you can visit their website at:

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