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We’ve all tried countless scent dispersing methods for our favorite deer lures and scents while hunting: scent bombs, wicks, drags, mists, drops, or even smoke sticks. Maybe you prefer one method over the other, but something we commonly find while trying to disperse our deer lures and scents is that its difficult to release that scent in multiple locations, without being detected while trying to do so. You are often limited to releasing the scents on your way in, but with most options, the strongest amount of the deer lure is left too far away from your stand causing wary bucks to stray away or hang just out of bow range. Or, you are left in your stand, trying to disperse the lure in one position or stuck waiting until the wind is right to release it in the correct direction you want. But what if there was a way to release the deer lure scent in multiple locations while also being able to re-position the scent from your stand, without having to move your body drastically around in your stand? With Scent Line’s Scent Dispersal System, hunters can easily and covertly release the scent in multiple locations with an innovative pulley system.

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The Scent Line is a Mechanical Scent Dispersing System that works on a pulley system.
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With a lot of time spent in the woods, you start to become familiarized with the antics of whitetails and learn from past mistakes that may have left you busted in the stand. The young bucks tend to come straight into the scent, check it out, and then begin to pick up your trails where you walked to put out the wicks or other scents and then they are off and running away from you after picking up on your scent. The Scent Line Scent Dispersing System took all of these considerations to mind when creating their mechanical scent dispersing system.

The Scent Line Scent Dispersing System is a mechanical scent dispersing system that operates as a pulley system to release the scent when and where you want from your stand with ease. It allows hunters to put out their desired scent in hunting areas without walking into it, making any noise, or risk the chance of leaving any human scent in the area that you are hunting. Hunters can simply attach the rollers onto provided j hooks, string the droplines and scent pads, spray with desired scent, and release down the line accordingly to disperse the amount and level of scent lures you prefer, quickly and easily.

This patent pending design comes equipped with four rollers (pulleys), 6 J-hooks, 4 droplines and 4 scent pads. The set up is quick and simple–with just seven steps for set up:

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Diagram of the Scent Line set-up for your hunts.
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  1. Screw J-hooks in your desired tree approximately head height.
  2. Hang one roller onto J-hook.
  3. Climb up your desired tree (into your treestand which you will be hunting out of).
  4. Screw in second, provided J-hook above your head level–ensure that the line will not be impeding your archery or rifle shot positioning.
  5. Take the main line (100 yards of line) and run through both rollers and then tie together.
  6. When returning back to your stand to hunt, attach the drop lines, apply your desired scent and deer lure, and use both hands to pull the main line. When pulling the main line, you can position your scent pads to whichever distance you prefer. Note: drop lines can be positioned at distances from 10 to 50 yards.
  7. When you are finished with your hunt, you can pull the main line back towards you with your hands. You can then remove the scent pads and store in a Ziploc bag until you return back for another hunt.

The benefit of the Scent Line is that it is reusable and can easily be set up and removed hassle-free. The droplines are easily removed and the scent pads can be stowed away in a sealed bag until next use.  The Scent Line can also be used for both big game and predator hunting when using the Scent Line stakes to hunt from the ground (Note: Scent Line Ground Stakes sold separately).

I was able to put the Scent Line to the test this past archery season, where I was presented with a

The Scent Line helped me bring in my very first archery harvest this past archery season in Pennsylvania!
Photo: Ariel McCracken

broadside, 25 yard shot at a buck during our Pennsylvania rut, and was able to successfully harvest my very first archery buck. I had tried my luck with other scent dispersing methods in the past, but had always either been busted or unable to draw them into that perfect bow range–this time was different–this buck came charging right towards me and I was undetected. With the Scent Line mechanical scent dispersing system, I was able to adjust the droplines to my desired range and covertly adjust the line accordingly when I wanted with the ease of the pulley system.

The Scent Line Scent Dispersal System is available online for an MSRP of $19.99. To read more about Scent Line Products, you can visit them at: 

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