New Stabilizers for 2014 from KTech Designs ~ Diane Hassinger

KTech came out with several new products for 2014, amongst these are the new MX Series of Stabilizers. These stabilizers utilize the LimbSaver vibration reduction technology. This ensures that the after shot noise dissipates to eliminate any sound that could potentially spook … Continue reading

Standard Bowtree from Bowtree Inc -Ariel McCracken

“Practice makes perfect.” We have all heard that famous saying at some time in our lives, especially when it comes to perfecting our shooting skills for an archery competition or for an upcoming hunting season. It takes time and dedication … Continue reading

Lansky Sharpeners BowSharp – Ladies in Camo Staff

As an archer you must have full confidence in your equipment to give you the best chance on making that perfect shot. From sharp broadhead blades to having your sight pins tightened down and everything in between requires a hunter … Continue reading

The Crush Bag Target by Morrell ~ Diane Hassinger

As a breast cancer survivor of 4 ½-years, I try to patronize as many products as possible that donate to the fight against breast cancer. Morrell has designed The Crush bag target with that in mind; as a portion of … Continue reading

Grapple your Gear with Gear Grappler~Diane Hassinger

Do you get frustrated when you drop items out of your tree stand? I know I do. I admit to being clumsy. If you tend to drop items from your stand then this item is for you. The Gear Grappler … Continue reading

Yukon Cold Lockers by Igloo~Diane Hassinger

When Igloo came out with their new line of Yukon Cold Lockers, they made three promises to their customers; Out Haul, Outlast and Out Chill. Yukon® “Outhauls” by offering a true capacity in their cold lockers. They use the measurements … Continue reading

Archer’s Hard Surface Practice Hanger~Diane Hassinger

Making good ethical shots when hunting is very important to everyone in my family. Therefore, we practice shooting year round. During the winter it is difficult enough to go outside to shoot our bows, without having to fight the snow … Continue reading