Gorilla G-TacAir Safety Harness for Women – Teri Lancaster

Wearing a safety harness in the tree stand has always been cumbersome and uncomfortable for me –until now. I purchased the Gorilla G15 safety harness a few years ago and even though it was not ideal for my female frame, I found it better than the vest-style safety harnesses that were available. Putting my safety first, regardless of my comfort, I learned to accept the excess strap material hanging down and the harness being heavy.

When I learned that Gorilla released a female safety harness, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, try it out, and share this product with all my fellow female hunters that also learned to give up comfort for the sake of safety. No more ladies! With the Gorilla G-TacAir for women, we now can have BOTH!

20131213-104715.jpgThere are so many great features about this new ladies’ safety harness like the 3-point ultra-fit, that adjusts in three areas for an unrestricted fit; a center strap across the chest that adjusts up or down to fit all figures;  smaller buckles at the connection points that are easier for my smaller hands to hold and connect with one hand.

A feature on this model also includes an exclusive integrated suspension relief system that allows “easy access to the suspension relief strap in the event of a fall and helps relieve pressure until you can climb back up in the stand.” This relief system is neatly tucked away in an easily accessible secured attached pouch at your fingertips that stores the strap until you need it. 20131213-104638.jpg

Gorilla has combined safety and simplicity by providing a fast, easy to open self-locking carabineer, even when wearing gloves, and has marked all connection points on the vest with Gorilla’s trademark red webbing and soft-coated micro-buckles.

The first thing I noticed about this safety harness when I opened it from the box, was the lightness of the harness at 2.6lbs. The first time I wore the vest and walked to my tree stand I was very excited that the adjustable straps at my legs stayed where I had adjusted them and was not down to my knees by the time I arrived at my tree stand.


20131213-101707.jpgGorilla safety harnesses also have 30” tether for 360 degrees mobility, so if you are like me and like full mobility in your tree stand, this tether is perfect for secure movement. And for those lady hunters that prefer not to wear pink out in the woods, the only pink on this safety harness is on the Gorilla logo located on the back.

The Ladies Gorilla G-TackAir Safety Harness is available in one-size-fits-all that adjust for 120 to 300 pound frames at the MSRP price is $89.99. You can find the product at a variety of sporting goods stores.

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