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I am very excited to share McNett Camo Form’s versatility with you. This product seems like it was designed by MacGyver himself.

I use my Mossberg 500 for all my shotgun needs, I love it and how it shoots. However, there are times when I wish it did have some camouflage to it instead of black. Until I decide that I do want to get it dipped there is another option for me. McNett Camo Form comes in 14 patterns; no matter the terrain I will be able to match it.


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At first I was hesitant but willing to try it since it said it leaves no residue; it clings to itself. I was amazed how easy it is to apply and remove with zero evidence it was ever there. The wrap is completely customizable to the item you are wrapping and can be used over and over again.



full camo

After – room for pump action and ported barrel.













One roll will cover 1 shotgun or bow. I was able to wrap and unwrap several  items, including my shotgun, rangefinder, binoculars, scope and camera without the wrap losing its clinging ability.  It looks great, has a matte property to it, plus improves the grip of any item you put it on. The normally shiny finish on my binoculars was easily camouflaged leaving a matte finish and an improved grip. Since I do not wear the binoculars around my neck, the wrap added security against clanging on a metal treestand if they were to slide off my leg or I were to knock the stand putting them up.




I also found that the wrap is useful for more than just camouflaging. I carry a lot in my hunting pack, you never know what situation you will be in so it is best to be prepared. Often this means items come in contact emitting unwanted sound. When wrapped, items do not make noise if they should come in contact with each other; also allowing for protection of the surface of these items.



This scope has zoom and illuminated reticle, With the wrap, everything moves freely.

Sometimes I forget my gloves and my bow can get cold on a fall morning or can become slick in a humid summer afternoon; the wrap can fix that. Some things that hunters use in the field don’t come with the option to be bought in camouflage and most of the camouflage decal cover kits just don’t work well, the wrap can solve this issue.




Ever been in a stand with a clip that bangs against the ladder with every move you make? Wrap the clip and problem solved! The wrap can lose its self clinging properties if left in the sun or extreme heat but it will last much longer than trying to silence a clip or other banging metal with a stick, grass or leaves. Lose your scope cover and have to make a trip in an open atv on a dusty road? Wrap it.





Wrap your decoys to protect their paint and protect you from becoming a walking target.

For turkey hunting, wrap your decoy’s head for your safety traveling to and from your hunting area and for preserving the paint if you do shove your decoy in your backpack.  Silence your box call in your pocket or pack.

I encourage you to get some McNett Camo Form to keep in your pack. This wrap can cover your gun and hunting gear, fix shiny and noisy items in the field, protect your decoys and much more; the possibilities are endless. I know I will be keeping several in my pack, in my truck and in my hunting gear room at all times.

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McNett Camo Form has a MSRP of $14.99 and is avalible in various colors at select online retailers and sporting goods stores.

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