Badlands Kali Fanny Pack – Teri Lancaster

In 2011 hunting season, I purchased and absolutely fell in love with the Badlands Kali backpack. In fall of 2012 when I learned that Badlands had a much smaller Kali pack coming out, I knew I must have it as well.

In October, my husband purchased the Badlands Kali Fanny pack for me for my anniversary present; smart man he is indeed. I love having this smaller Badlands pack to take with me for shorter afternoon bow hunts. There is enough room for my rangefinder, calls, mask, gloves, snacks, Firefly, flashlight and one afternoon I even folded up a small rain poncho that I thought I might need.

The Badlands Kali Fanny pack has a main compartment as well as a smaller outer compartment with a mesh pocket inside; which I found the perfect spot to hold my hunting license without losing it in the bag. There are two side zippered pockets at the end of the main pack and two zippered smaller pockets on the sides, that if you choose to wear the pack in front or in the back, these side zippered pockets are easy to reach and zip and unzip with one hand.

The Kali Fanny pack has mesh pockets on both ends and hold water bottles nicely. However, one afternoon when I took my thermos bottle, I found it a little difficult to access my thermos bottle with one hand and return it to the pocket due to the elastic cord that holds the bottle at the top. For me
personally, I would have preferred possibly two smaller clips that close the pack instead of the one larger clip due to hard to hold the pack and clip the larger clip with my hands vs. being able to
clip one smaller clip an then another.

What impressed me when I first was introduced to Badlands via my husband’s Badlands’ purchase is of course their warranty, “We don’t care what happened or whose fault it was, we will fix it for free forever. We could care less if you bought it at a garage sale or a gear swap, as long as it says Badlands, it’s covered. All we ask is that you use and abuse your pack as much as possible so we can learn how to make our products even better.”

Overall I believe this pack is a great pack for the money and would definitely recommend it to other female hunters. The MSRP on the Badlands Kali fanny pack is $79.99 and it is available in RealTree Max-1 and AP patterns. Visit to read more about this product, to purchase or to find a local retailer.

UPDATE: Jan 2013-I was fortunate enough to attend SHOT show with my fellow Ladies in Camo and met the staff at Badlands while wearing my Kali fanny pack. The crew at Badlands wanted to see exactly what an LIC lady carried in the Kali fanny pack to the SHOT show:

My SHOT Show arsenal packed in my Badlands Kali. Photo: Teri Lancaster

My SHOT Show arsenal packed in my Badlands Kali. Photo: Teri Lancaster

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