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I love getting new camo, and I especially get ecstatic when I get a new Prois package in the mail.  It’s kind of like my Christmas…several times a year!

My favorite purchase from Prois, however, is my Prois Pro Edition pants!  Comfort, style, fit, durability…they have it all!  I am that girl that will dive under a fence, through the mud, in the middle of a rain storm to get to my destination:  my pro edition pants are right there with me. I can then switch gears and wear them to my son’s football game because they just look that good!

pro_edition_pants_AP_frontThe black straps on the waist allow me enough room to layer when necessary.  They are pretty true to size as I generally wear a 0-2 in jeans and I ordered a small.  They have a higher waist, which I adore because I have a long torso.  I have a long inseam as well, so the longer the pant the better they fit.

They are still fitted where they need to be, but loose enough to get a base layer on. They have great cargo pockets with magnetic clasps that keep your belongings secure.  They are made from quality material and are sure to hold up under this rough and tough girl!

I wore them during Alabama’s bow season and didn’t burn up and I’ve worn them during Alabama’s gun season and haven’t frozen.  I can’t wait to try them out during turkey time in April!

The Prois Pro Edition Pants have a MSRP of $165.00 and are available in RealTree® AP or Advantage Max. You can read more about this product, as well as the other fine products that Prois has to offer at

If you are in the market for some new hunting apparel, I highly recommend you testing out the Prois Pro Edition pants!

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