Shannon Brandon-Best

     Growing up in the hills of Pennsylvania with a family like mine it is no wonder I love the outdoors. My family would head to Moraine State Park and Pymatuning Lake to go fishing often. My parents had a boat and if I was good while fishing, my Dad would let me drive back to the dock. Of course with the excitement of driving, I was eager to sit quiet as long as I could so I could drive! Little did I know the fish cannot hear you. I am grateful I learned to sit quiet though because when I was old enough to hunt I had already learned the hardest part; to sit quietly and enjoy the peace around me.

     I believe that I was twelve the first time that my parents took me hunting. I enjoy spending time in the woods but did not harvest a deer until I was sixteen. The first deer I killed was with my truck. After that I decided they were much easier to butcher without all the road gravel. To this day I still do all the butchering with the help of my family. For years we have depended solely on the meat we harvest during hunting or grow on our farm to feed us. I have hunted and fished some of the most beautiful places in North America: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for tuna and dorado; Alaska for halibut and ling cod; New York for salmon and brown trout; Florida for bass, dolphin fish, barracuda, alligator and hogs; Illinois for whitetail deer; Maine for moose; Tennessee for catfish; Virginia off shore fishing; Ontario, Canada for fresh water fish and Pennsylvania for everything!

     I am a mother of two, Ryan age 9 and Sarah age 11. With my husband Mike’s two, Chaney age 13 and Ginger age 15, I am a mom of four. Being a mom is truly the best blessing I could ever wish for. As an outdoor enthusiast, I get the kids involved as much as possible in all these activities. I take the kids deer and turkey hunting every chance we get. I have taught all the kids how to shoot archery; Sarah, Ryan and Ginger won awards last year shooting competitively. We live near McConnell’s Mill so we often take the kids there to go hiking and rock climbing. We also live right by Moraine State Park where we go kayaking and bike riding. There are lots of local streams to go trout fishing in, and we take a trip to NY every fall to go camping and salmon fishing. My parents have a nice farm pond stocked with bass and blue gill. During the summer we spend hours down there fishing and the kids “falling in”. We have a couple of ponds by our house where the boys like to go frog gigging, while the girls are usually more content to help in the garden. We like to enjoy the outdoors to its fullest. I own my own business, Charm N Accessories. This is a custom charm bracelet business that offers bracelets made to order. I really enjoy this business because it allows me to make an income while at home. During the days while the kids are at school, I am a P.A. for Doc Fletcher.