Sarah Brandon

I am 14 years old and LOVE to go hunting. My Mom has been taking me hunting and fishing since I was just a baby, so I can honestly say that I have been hunting all my life. I was just four years old when my I killed my first squirrel. And at age six I shot an Elk with my uncle's 30-06.  


My real passion is turkey hunting with the cross bow. I have gotten two turkeys with my Nanna’s Tenpoint crossbow so far. The biggest of which had a 10 inch beard and 1" spurs.  I can’t wait until fall season! 


When I was 9, I shot a nine foot alligator using the crossbow and speared my first hog. 



 I learned to hunt small game with my Dad’s .410 and use the 30.06 with managed recoil shells to hunt deer and other big game, but now that I am older I prefer to use my crossbow.  

I also enjoy fishing; blue gill, perch and bass. But my favorite fishing is for salmon. We get to go camping as a family in New York every fall and fish for salmon.  They are really big fish and fight hard which makes them so much fun!

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