Ryan Brandon

I am eight years old and I go to Moraine Elementary, in Prospect, Pennsylvania.

I was four years old when my I killed my ram with a 30-06. He did not even take a step, just fell over.  Right after I turned five, I shot my first whitetail deer.  This year I got to go hunting and managed to shot a doe on my birthday. 

I like to go turkey hunting with my parents.  I have gotten three turkeys so far. This year I shot one with a double beard. Last summer during a family vacation to Florida, I shot a seven foot alligator with a crossbow and speared my first hog.  Frog gigging is something I have done with my family since I could walk.  I help my Mom clean them then we fry them in garlic butter.

Fishing is also a family sport for me. I love to catch blue gill, crappy, perch, catfish, bass and salmon. My Nanna takes me salt water fishing on vacation, and I also get to enjoy snorkeling while we are at the ocean.



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