Nikita Dalke

I have always loved the outdoors, even as a child. My family was big into horses and fishing, so I basically grew up in a boat, on the ice and on a horse. My grandparents and uncles all hunted and I was always fascinated with the animals they would bring home and I enjoyed helping them. My Nana was the only woman in the whole family that hunted, I did go out with her a couple times as a child and I got my initial interest from her. Horses were my life though so I never started hunting until I met my husband, Kyle, in 2005. Since then he has been an incredible mentor and partner. Now we have two wonderful kids, Pheonix and Easton and I love teaching them all about the outdoors. Pheonix has taken a shining to archery and we bought her her first bow at 2 yrs old and by 4 she was competing at 3D events with us. I'm lucky enough to get to be a stay at home mom and be able to teach them everything I know.


Living in the mountains of Southeastern British Columbia gives me a very wide range of animals I can hunt. We have a multitude of big game, small game and predators available for hunting. We also have waterfowl and that is my next adventure! I enjoy hiking and backpacking into the backcountry and getting above the treeline and up in the alpine. I enjoy bowhunting and rifle hunting, mainly doing spot and stalk all on public land. I have been fortunate to take many whitetail, black bear and a mountain goat.


I discovered I had a love for writing. I started up a blog about year ago for my husband and I to tell stories of hunting and other outdoor adventures . It caught the eye of a ladies outdoor website called Loba Outdoors and they asked me to do some freelance writing for them- I've loved it ever since. I also enjoy doing photography of wildlife and scenery.


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