Mackenzie Walters

My name is Mackenzie from Southeastern Ohio. My father introduced me to hunting as he taught me how to properly handle and use a gun at an early age. I didn't start hunting until I graduated from college. My dad asked me the summer I came home if I wanted to go deer hunting. I don't think I could say yes fast enough. Soon after, I completed my hunter's safety course and hit the woods with the old man and a single shot 20 gauge. I was able to harvest my first deer the first time out. It was just a half rack three point but it meant the world to me and a relentless passion began.

I don't mind getting my hands dirty when it comes to hunting. I do everything from helping create food plots to field dressing the harvest. It doesn't matter the animal or the implement, I just want to hunt. Bow hunting is my favorite but I have no problem using a gun if the season allows. Moral and ethical hunting is the only way to go. I truly believe a spiritual connection is found the moment you step foot in the woods regardless the outcome.

My hunting partner is also my best friend and husband. He supports all my wild ideas. We had known each other and often talked about hunting before we started dating. Hunting is just one of several interests we share. We have been happily living in our camo world for several years now. When we are not hunting, I enjoy cooking over an open fire and using my barbecue smoker. A night around the fire is better than a night on the town. I try to volunteer for as much as I can in my community and give back as much as possible.