Bobbi Johnson ~ Success Again

Bobbi's great Wyoming Mule Deer Buck. Photo: Bobbi Johnson

Bobbi’s great Wyoming Mule Deer Buck.
Photo: Bobbi Johnson

Wyoming in October is always good to me. The challenge, The stalk, The joy of knowing you can feed the family for another year. Early morning, hour drive, coffee in hand. I walk in when the sun is starting to light the sky. Settled in against the rocks watching for any movement that I can see. Three hours later I spot a mulie tucked in under a big old pine tree. He was way to far to shoot. We made our way up to where we thought I had spotted him. We creeped and crawled thru sage brush, prickly pear and rocks. We stalked in for a good hour just to realize we were stalking in on sticks (looked like horns) LOL! . As we backed out we tried to move around quietly to see if we could locate the buck. Finally we figured he was either higher up the mountain or had moved. We walked in from a different direction to see if we could spot him. As I turned to look down the mountain, there he was looking right at me. Still bedded down. I got set up and waited and waited for him to stand and present a good shot.

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