Diane Hassinger ~ Fishing for FUN

Great eating, provided by fun fishing! Photo: Diane Hassinger


fish for many reasons: for food, for family togetherness, for excitement sometimes for the trophy. This week I fished solely because I enjoy it, for fun! 

We were in the florida keys checking on our boat. It’s a 50′ Bertram that has been part of our fishing memories for 15 years. 

The weather was making getting out in the open water tough, but we were still able to get out to a couple of spots that allow us to fill the freezer. 

For several days we targeted yellow tail and snappers, and had a fantastic time catching our limits of 12-20″ fish. 

The boat ride in was a bit bumpy as the winds were beating the surf into a frosh. We are returning home with lots of good memories and lots of great eating fish for the upcoming winter. 

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