Shannon Brandon ~ My Biggest Bass-YET

Look at that mouth! I mean on the fish! Photo: Shannon Brandon

Look at that mouth! I mean on the fish!
Photo: Shannon Brandon

During 1999 I, at the age of 17, I fished every opportunity I got. It didn’t matter what I was fishing for, as long as I had a rod in my hand. One particular time, I was fishing with my future husband at a local farm pond. I was throwing a chartreuse spinnerbait over the surface of the water, when the water just exploded! A huge largemouth bass had just leapt from the water and gulped my spinnerbait in.

I was using fairly light tackle, so I had to carefully fight this large bass. Several minutes elapsed before Charlie could lip the bass and land it for me. When we put a tape on it, the large bass measured 25″ long. We didn’t get a weight on it, since I wanted to release it quickly. We snapped a few pictures and back in the water this largemouth went.

Later that evening I was reliving the fight with my family when it was suggested that I enter the fish in the Infisherman magazine’s Monster Fish of 1999. To my surprise, my bass came in tied for 2nd for our region! I am writing this 16 years later, and that is still my biggest largemouth bass caught in Western Pennsylvania!

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