Nikita Dalke-Texas Trip for the Extreme Huntress Contest

The Dallas Safari Club Convention started Thursday Jan 15th and ran to Sunday the 18th. My husband and I flew in the day before so we were able to attend all 4 days. The first day wasn’t to busy, not much for lineups at the ticket counter but the size of the convention was huge. this was our first show of this size and l was amazed. Unfortunately for me l wore my high heel boots because the airlines lost our baggage, which had my running shoes in it, so by the end of Thursday I couldn’t walk my feet were so sore. There were over 4000 exhibits and we didn’t cover half of them in the one day. I didn’t see any of the other ladies from the contest but I was able to listen to Jim and Larry tell campfire stories at the Ruger stage, see Tom and Olivia and meet Nick from US Sportsman Alliance.

Friday we were able to spend the whole day at the convention, all the ladies were scheduled to do PR at the Ruger Stage. Unfortunately Christie wasn’t able to make it for the convention at all and Amanda and Kasi didn’t get to Dallas in time for the media event. So Tom and Larry introduced Margaret, Erika and I to the crowd we had, explained about the contest and why we were at the convention then it was open to questions. We had questions like what animals do we eat, did we pick up anything from the other girls, what was a highlight from the trip, and what was something that we struggled with. After the Ruger Stage I introduced my husband to Larry and talked with him for a while. Afterwards we went to chat with a long time friend, Dustin Roe and finish our walk around. I did see Jim & Louise Shockey and Matt Hughes during our walkabout. That evening we went for dinner and a walkabout of downtown with Margaret.

Saturday was the big day. 5 of the 6 ladies were now at the convention and we were free to wander the convention until the dinner and banquet that evening. So Amanda, Margaret, Kasi and I walked the convention, talking with people and meeting new people. We decided to head to the room about 3pm to start getting ready  for the banquet. On our way to the room we noticed out of the windows a large crowd gathering around the hotel and convention center. It was a group of protesters- anti hunting protesters. I was amazed at the size of gathering they had, I had never seen a protest before. They mostly went

Margaret, Kasi, Erika, Amanda and Nikita with the Extreme Huntress Award Statue. Photo: Nikita Dalke

Margaret, Kasi, Erika, Amanda and Nikita with the Extreme Huntress Award Statue.
Photo: Nikita Dalke

unnoticed by the large gathering of sportsmen and women at the convention. We finished getting ready at about 5:30 and headed down to dinner. It was very good, and all the huntresses shared a table with their guests and Mark James. During dinner they announced all different types of awards. The Extreme Huntress award was announced fairly early in the night by Tom Opre and Olivia Opre with Larry Weishuhn and Jim Zumbo by their side. It was a fun evening and after Erika was announced as the winner there were lots of congratulations and photos.

This whole experience has been amazing. It feels a little strange now that it’s over, after being a part of it for almost a year. I can’t express my gratitude enough to everyone that stood by me and supported me during this endeavor.¬† I’m so lucky to have meet all the wonderful people that are now in my life thanks to the competition. I have made friends for life with it and that is a win for me. So I’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone- family, friends, and people I don’t even know from all over the world for your support and for believing in me. I have some amazing supporters.

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