Nikita Dalke-Extreme Huntress Contest Episode 12 Recap

Preparing for the shooting competition. Photo: Nikita Dalke

Preparing for the shooting competition.
Photo: Nikita Dalke

You can only prepare yourself so much by watching the previous years episodes. We all knew the Dangerous game challenge was going to be a part of the challenges and we knew what size rifle we would be handling, but it’s a completely different game once you are standing in front of those moving targets with a large caliber rifle in your hand. I did place last in this challenge, but the length of the gun was a major handicap for me. Especially during the rounds with the double shot. I’ve shot rifles and shotguns that are to long for me before and I didn’t have any issues with the first shot, but the second shot I was not able to get the gun shouldered comfortably again in that short amount of time. I was hurting after the first round but I was not going to give up, after the second I was in quite a bit of pain. My arm was bruising already and the muscles were tightening. It took 4 weeks after the contest for the bruising to fade away and 6 weeks before I could use my arm 100%. But I was proud of myself for pushing through and finishing.
The long range challenge was a nice redemption for me. We were shooting off our packs on a table at 200, 300, and 400 yards. We had to do 10 shots in 3 minutes, 4 at 200-2 at 300-4 at 400. I do a lot of shooting at home so it was a nice familiar feeling for me while I was doing the challenge. I was not expecting the tannerite to go off though on my 400 yard shot, I was so focused on my rhythm and concentration that it took me by surprise. I was pretty excited when we were told our scores and I learned that I had earned full points.
Only one episode left and it’s the Biathalon.  Watch as we run on the hottest day we had the whole week there and do some shooting.

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