Nikita Dalke-Extreme Huntress Episode 11 Recap

Margaret with her trophy Black Buck! Photo: Nikita Dalke

Margaret with her trophy Black Buck!
Photo: Nikita Dalke

The last hunt on the Ranch! It was an amazing 6 days at the ranch, I got to meet like minded women and watch their different hunting styles and see some amazing animals. My last hunt was with Margaret and it was her turn to be the primary shooter. We were looking for either a trophy red sheep or a trophy black buck. Jim was our judge again and we had Steve the ranch manager with us. Steve suggested checking an open area that black buck like to hang out in and because this was Margaret’s last chance at an animal, Jim and I stayed at the jeep to limit the number of bodies and noise. So we hung out and chatted and had lots of animals come by the jeep. We got to see some huge elk come by and a few black bucks just to name a few. After a while we heard a gun shot ring out so we started the jeep and headed up. I was so so happy that she had got her animal! She was so happy and elated and it was just a huge rush of relief. He was a beautiful black buck with some good length on his horns. Afterwards because we still had a short time before nightfall, Steve and I went to find a red sheep. We found the herd of ewes and lambs but not the band of rams. We quickly ran out of light and headed back to the Jeep.
Next episode we finish up the dangerous game challenge with the second round and we have the long range competition.

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