Nikita Dalke-Extreme Huntress Episode 9 Recap

So in this short but sweet episode I was hunting with Margaret again and we were lucky to have Scott O’Grady hunt with us. This had to have been one of my favorite hunts. I love elk and it’s always such an adrenaline rush to get so close to them. Our judge was Olivia and she just asked me to kind of sit back

Nikita and Margaret Botha during the elk hybrid hunt. Photo: Nikita Dalke

Nikita and Margaret Botha during the elk hybrid hunt.
Photo: Nikita Dalke

and let her do her thing but to also help her with any questions and any information I knew on the little hybrid that we were hunting because I was the only one who had seen him. Right away we found an elk, and I was really hoping that he was one of the bulls that was part of the herd. Unfortunately he wasn’t,  he was just a lone bull hanging out, but we managed to get to within 10 yards of him in the thick brush before we had to hunker down while he tried to figure out what we were. I thought it was a pretty cool experience especially for Margaret because she had never seen an elk or heard one, and he gave us an up close encounter while sending out a warning to others. After he left she decided to walk around in that area for a bit, we didn’t find any sign of the rest of the herd so she decided to go down to watering area. We went down and we found another lone bull by the water and while she was trying to decide what she wanted to do, I glassed the higher ground. Sure enough there was the herd and the hybrid up on the hill in the thickest brush, and we were losing daylight fast. Scott and I went up there as fast we could in the jeep just to see if our presence would push them down out of the brush to where Margaret might have been able to get a decent shot but unfortunately they felt safest in the brush and didn’t move. I think it was a successful hunt, we found him but just ran out of time.
Next episode I’m hunting with Margaret again after an Iranian red sheep.

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