Nikita Dalke- Extreme Huntress Contest Recap Episode 8

Margaret with her Aoudad skull. Photo: Nikita Dalke

Margaret with her Aoudad skull.
Photo: Nikita Dalke

In this episode of the extreme huntress I hunted with Margaret for my first time. She was looking for a very old Rusa deer in an area that was so unbelievably thick and brushy. It was a tough area to hunt and the wind never cooperated once. We covered quite a bit of ground but never had any luck. We did find a pretty cool Aoudad skeleton and when she picked up the head all the rotten brain started pouring out. It stunk so unbelievably bad, I was gagging. It was a fun hunt but I could feel Margaret’s frustration at another hunt without an animal down.
Round one of the dangerous game challenge was interesting. We were shooting a 375 H&H at a moving cape buffalo target. It was a tough challenge. You had to fire off 2 quick shots the first charge, 1 shot the second charge, and 2 shots again the last charge. I got to be the guinea pig and went first. Unfortunately my first charge I forgot my safety was on and was only able to fire off one shot. Buy I was able to get the rest of the shots off. I ended up pretty battered and bruised after the first round, so I ended up icing my arm between rounds.
Next week I’m hunting with Margaret again and you get to see round 2 of the dangerous game challenge with scores.

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