Rachael Beeler~ Logan’s First Hunt

Look at that smile! Logan definitely enjoyed his first hunt! Photo: Rachael Bee;er

Look at that smile! Logan definitely enjoyed his first harvest!
Photo: Rachael Beeler

On October 25th, my husband took our 6 year old son Logan out to hunt! It was Logan’s first time out to kill a deer! They got to the spot they were going to hunt and got settled in! My husband grunted and used his bleat can, Logan rattled. Not even 5 minutes after he rattled a monster buck came
in. Logan started shaking and breathing heavy, my husband told him to take a deep breath and shoot when he has a good shot. Logan made the shot and the buck buckled and started zig-zagging through the woods. They followed the blood
trail for a while   , when they heard another gun shot they decided to back off and go back in a little while to find him.

My husband and I went back to look for the deer. We looked for 2 hrs. We started were they left off and, found nothing but fresh 4wheeler tracks everywhere. I was devastated for my son. We took him out again this morning October 26th. My husband used his grunt and bleat can again and a buck came in! We hadn’t been there even 10 minutes and Logan made the shot, dropping the buck where he stood! We went
over and he had shot a 9 point! Tears of joy from his dad and I and a smile
worth a million bucks on Logan’s face! Priceless moment with my son!

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