Terri Carder-Maryland Velvet Buck

Friday Sept. 12th, 7 days into Maryland’s hunting season I headed out to one of our hunting spots where I had the perfect wind. Since I got off work a little later than I expected I was worried my chances of a successful hunt was slim to none. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. At exactly 6:45 I saw a buck in full velvet straight out in front of me about 45 yards. I couldn’t believe it he was heading straight towards me. As he was approaching he started to circle towards my left to come in down wind of me. Luck seem to be on my side that night. Before he was able to catch wind of me he offered me the perfect angel in shooting range. I knew this may very well be the only shot I get and If I had any chance of harvesting this buck I had to take it right then. I drew back my bow, found my 20 yard pin and gently squeezed my release and the arrow it it’s mark. After a short tracking job I found my first velvet buck and I couldn’t be happier.

Terri's first buck in the velvet! Photo: Terri Carder

Terri’s first buck in the velvet!
Photo: Terri Carder

Terri's Maryland Velvet Buck Photo: Terri Carder

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