Nikita Dalke-Extreme Huntress Episode 5 Recap

I was really excited for this hunt.  I love hunting elk at home in BC and the elk they had on the ranch were breathtaking.  I had Erika hunting with me and Larry as my judge, we also had Tommy ( the ranch game manager) with me so he could identify the hybrid elk sitka. I checked out the bottom  area where the water was and found an axis shed antler. After checking it out I decided that I should

Nikita on her sitka elk hunt. Photo: Nikita Dalke

Nikita on her elk hunt, with Erika as back up.
Photo: Nikita Dalke

go to the high ground like I would at home.  Sure enough they were up there hanging out just off to the left of a big opening in the brush. They were starting to move out but unfortunately  the wind swirled and they caught our scent and Busted down the hill. So I decided to give them some time and we went back down to the bottom and looped back up and there they were in the same area. We had a better wind this time so we hunkered down in the brush so we were out of sight. Unfortunately the 5 of us got split up and 2 were trailing a little farther behind. The elk started coming out into the open and the little guy was last in line standing in the brush just enough I couldn’t get a good shot. They soon stopped and we’re staring to my right where the 2 people had gotten cut off and I think that got them on edge and they turned around and high tailed it out. Unfortunately  it was to dark for the camera to try to go around after them. I think if we would have stayed closer together I might have had a chance at him, but you never know.
He was a neat looking animal. He was smaller then an elk but bigger then a sitka deer. He was the color of a sitka (kind of a charcoal color) but the hide of an elk and antlers like a sitka but in velvet like an elk. He was definitely a unique animal!
Next episode is a bit of a mystery to me. They didn’t show much in the preview to give anything away so I guess I’ll be just as surprised as you guys!

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