Nikita Dalke- Extreme Huntress Episode 4 Recap

extreme huntress 4

Nikita with Amanda Caldwell and Kasi Geraci during the Extreme Huntress Competition. Photo: Nikita Dalke

This was my first time hunting with Erika from Sweden and we were after a 3 horned Jacobs Sheep (or 4 horned sheep). We ended up back in the same area where I shot my Black Hawaiian and I had a gut feeling that the specific Jacobs sheep was going to be with the same herd I had found. When we got to the area, Olivia gave her the layout of the land and Erika asked me for some advice on the area and the sheep. She decided on a different route to take around the area and it wasn’t long until I band of rams were spotted. I let her know where they were and she was only about 20 yards from them but they were all spread out in the extremely  thick brush. Eventually  they came out into a potted opening just above me and she was able to get a look at them. It wasn’t the band we wanted, this one was full of young trophy rams.  So we moved on. She never did find the “band of misfits”, I liked to call them. But it was a beautiful cool morning and I was enjoying it.
For the second round of anti hunter interrogations I was much more comfortable. I already knew what to expect and so the next round of questions  were not as shocking.
The archery challenge was interesting. We had to shoot at a target that was set at 25 yards with a 35 pound recurve. As a bow hunter with a compound bow it was a challenge trying to fight my natural form. I had only shot a recurve a couple times and it was my brothers.  But his was a 55 pound bow and the target was at the most 15 yards. It was a fun challenge though and it was nice to see some archery challenges thrown in the mix!
In the next episode you get to watch more hunting, including one of my hunts..

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