Nikita Dalke -Extreme Huntress Recap Episode 3

What a great day it was! I was hunting with Amanda again for the evening, after I had taken my Hawaiian Black sheep in the morning, and we were looking for one specific Arabian Oryx. We had found them quite early in the hunt and the broken horned oryx was with them but they had spooked and scattered into the thick brush. So Amanda decided to try a different tactic. We walked around to where the lake was. It was elevated above the thick brush the oryx were hiding in. As soon as Amanda and Olivia started to head down to the thick brush the oryx started to pop out so we all hunkered down, Tommy, the cameraman and I were still up on the flat and Amanda and Olivia were on the side of the hill going down into the brush. We sat frozen for quite a while but unfortunately it was to thick in there and they were constantly moving. Then they started popping up the bank only 50 yards from me into the open. I sat as still as I could praying they didn’t spook. I managed to get Amanda’s attention and motioned that they were up by me so she could change positions. I had to slowly move though, so I wasn’t ahead of her gun because she couldn’t move much more. All I could think was “please don’t spook”  Thankfully they didn’t take off and we were surrounded on all sides by oryx. Amanda got a great shot off and he didn’t go far. Afterwards Tommy (the game manager) tells me that they can be quite aggressive! Nonetheless it was a great hunt and a great day!
Hunting for the Arabian Oryx. Photo: Nikita Dalke

Hunting for the Arabian Oryx.
Photo: Nikita Dalke

With the backpacks challenge, we didn’t know that they were going to ask to see what we had. I usually carry a lot more gear with me at home so I just packed the basic items because I knew we were going to be hunting on a ranch with lots of people, so I didn’t bring any of my survival gear. And with flying international I didn’t have a clue what I could bring.

The anti hunting interrogation was interesting to say the least!  We weren’t told what was going on and we were taken one by one into a dark room where the 3 judges were lined up in the shadows and you were out in front, alone. All they say after you sit down is that it’s an anti hunter challenge and they were going to make some comments and then you were to respond. I was not expecting them to actually deliver them to you like an anti-hunter would.  I was expecting more of a read a comment then explain how you respond. So I was caught totally off guard when they started swearing and yelling at me, but I recovered. All 3 judges had a chance to say something and for you to respond.
In the next episode expect more anti hunting interrogations from the other judges, traditional archery challenge and more hunting!

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