Kelly Thiem~Successful Turkey Hunt

April 16, 2014. Opening morning in Minnesota:

I got to my blind 1/2 hour before legal shooting time and set up my decoys at 8 and 10 yards. I turned my

Kelly's Minnesota Gobbler

Kelly’s Minnesota Gobbler

heater on, knocked an arrow and proceeded to get comfy. Throughout the morning, I heard gobbles in the distance but nothing close. At 11:30 I saw two Toms walk across the field in front of me at about 200 yards. I used my gobble call and my slate call to try bringing them in. They didn’t even look my direction, just kept walking. I continued to call on and off for the next few minutes. Nothing! They were gone. As I thought about eating my lunch, I noticed something red out of the corner of my eye. The two Toms had continued across the field and down the tree line towards me. They slowly came in to my decoys. The bigger Tom was hell-bent on attacking my Jake while the smaller, more cautious Tom kept looking at me. After a short stare down, the smaller Tom decided he had seen enough and started to walk away. The bigger Tom turned to follow but decided he needed to get in one last chest bump. I took that opportunity to let my arrow fly at 8 yards. The rest is history!

Kelly after her successful turkey hunt!

Kelly after her successful turkey hunt!

After two unsuccessful seasons, people couldn’t figure out why I wouldn’t hunt with a shotgun. That’s just not me though. I am a bow hunter. I had to prove to myself that I could kill a turkey with my bow. Hard work + determination = success!

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