Jodi Manders-Georgia Turkey

Jodi with her Georgia gobbler! Photo: Jodi Manders

Jodi with her Georgia gobbler!
Photo: Jodi Manders

As our turkey season comes to an end here in Georgia my husband and I set out to chase down a long beard Saturday morning May 10th. As the sun was rising we were putting on our gear and listening carefully for a late season gobble only to hear nothing. We headed back to a known roosting area with hopes of getting one to sound off or perhaps to catch one strolling by, but with no luck. After a while we decided to move to another area with still no luck, not a bird in sight not even one lone cluck, again after sitting there a while we head over to check one more spot thinking we just wasn’t going to have any luck. As we start walking down the road to the area we catch a glimpse of a Jake go across the road a good distance away and then see a few more headed the same way. We had a pretty good idea that they were going to a known area with dead fall trees where they like to go and scratch around and feed, so we turn around and go in a different direction to head them off get to the trees before they do. We usually sit close together so we can communicate but we sat a good ways apart because we were not sure which end they would enter the area. We got there and settled in and waited for them to show up and sure enough within about 10 minutes out pops a jake leading the way. A jake and a long beard came up a hillside in front of me and turned to go follow two hens that were over in front of my husband. Neither of us could get a shot on them. They started feeding away from us and had already walked past both of us when Randy started calling with some soft yelps and they stopped and turned around and started walking back in my direction. W

hen the long beard got to an opening in the pines I made a 40 yard shot. Turned out to be a very good morning. The gobbler weighed 19 lbs with a 10 3/4″ beard and 1″ spurs. This is my second gobbler for the season.

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