Alisha Young-First Buck

After Christmas, my husband and two children & I headed to our grandparents’ house in South Carolina to enjoy the last week of hunting.  After raining all day on Sunday, the sun finally came out in time to head to the stand for an afternoon hunt.  My husband thought the best chance I had at getting a buck would be at the stand they call Sweatbox. We arrived at Sweatbox and settled in.

We sat quietly for about an hour and 4 big longbeards literally raced into the corn that was there for the deer to eat. About 15 minutes later, they spooked and ran straight toward the blind we were sitting in.  I could have reached out and touched them they were so close.

After the turkeys left, all got quiet again and I wondered if we were going to see any deer during this hunt or not. Then, after about another 20 minutes, 3 does came walking, well running, single file to the corn.  Then slowly a spike walked in then behind him another doe and THEN ‘Kickers’ came trotting in.

My husband said, “That’s a spike, you can shoot it.” Where I was sitting, I could see that ‘Kickers’ was coming in and there were trees blocking my husband’s view of Kickers the 10pt coming in. I kept telling him to “Zip it and be QUIET!” Then my husband soon could see the 10pt and realized Kickers was coming into range.  I slowly raised my rifle up to the shooting rail and zoomed the scope in on him.

Alisha Young

Alisha’s first buck was a 10 point
Photo: Teri Lancaster

I had Kickers in the crosshairs and was taking my time.  Just then, a little tweety bird flew onto the barrel of my rifle – and landed right smack middle center of my scope. He sat on the barrel and started chirping – not a care in the world.  Then I slowly moved my head from behind the scope and looked at the bird.  My moving caused the bird to move and he flew up and started flying circles around the gun barrel. My husband and I had to both control our laughter at the tweety bird.  So the bird finally flew away and I focused back on the task at hand and got the deer back into the crosshairs of the scope.  As I was getting ready to shoot, 2 of the does walked in front of Kickers and again I had to wait to shoot.  It seemed like forever! One of the spikes came over and literally lifted one of the does off the ground and moved the does away from Kickers. Once again I got ready to shoot Kickers. But Kickers decided he wanted to move behind one of the pine trees.  My husband encouraged me to just keep my scope on the tree because he knew Kickers would come out from behind the tree eventually. Then slowly, Kickers finally walks out from the left of the tree and provided me the perfect shot.  I was calm, cool and collected, however my husband on the other hand had the entire blind shaking! I took my shot and dropped Kickers in his tracks! My husband turned to me and bear hugged me and said “You GOT HIM babe you GOT him!” I couldn’t believe it! We unloaded my gun and I picked up my casing and he handed me the gun as I started to walk towards Kickers and I hear him say, “Hey, are you going to wait for your husband?”  I looked back, waved my hand and said “Nah I’m good!” and I kept walking towards my first buck – he did catch up though!  When we got to him, I realized how pretty of a buck he was and THAT was when I really got excited!

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