Lisa Coers-Muzzleloader Doe

I just wanted to share my last hunt with you ladies. I wasn’t going to hunt this season because my husband is sick with the flu. I was going to stay home and take care of him. Out of the blue at about 3:30 pm he came to the kitchen and told me I should get dressed and get up to the blind. I thought it was too late to get up there in time, but I got dressed and headed up.

It was a beautiful evening and the temp was like 35 degrees. I sat for about an hour and hadn’t seen anything. I even got up and opened the door to the horse trailer we turned in to a blind so I could take a picture of the sunset. I sat back down and even stuck my barrel out the window to check the light in my scope. Before I even had a chance to pull my gun back in, a doe walked right in front of me about 2 feet away. I could have reached out and touched her head she was so close. I couldn’t move a muscle. She stepped forward and two more does walked by too. I was sitting down and my barrel was pointing up so I couldn’t get aim to make a shot. I waited until they stepped forward between the two windows so I could stand up. To my total surprise, there were 8 more does right in front of me at the end of my blind in the food plot. I could not believe they were there. I had just stood up and looked about three minutes before and the food plot was empty.


Lisa’s muzzle loader doe
Photo: Lisa Coers

I stared to move very slowly forward to get to the window at the end of the blind. I had to freeze a couple of times because a doe kept looking through the window and almost busted me a couple of times. I got almost to the end of the blind, but couldn’t stick my barrel out the window because there was a doe standing right next to it and I would have spooked them all. I was in total shock at that point. I have never had that many deer in one spot right in front of me in my life. I watched them for a few seconds trying to pick out the biggest one of the bunch. There were a few more does jumping the fence at the end of the field, so their attention was drawn away from me. I raised my muzzle loader and took aim on the nicest doe in the bunch. I had a perfect shot and took it!

She jumped 3 feet in the air ran about ten feet then jumped the fence in to my horse pasture. I knew I hit her hard because she made a small circle, turned away from me ran about 10 yards and crashed in to the bushes about 25 yards from me. I didn’t even have to track her. She went down right there. My husband was too sick to come help me, so I called my Mom and brother to come over with the ranger to help me get her out. My brother is a great guy and a lifelong hunter too, so he helped me gut her and get her loaded. She was a very big doe and weighed at least 150 pounds or more. I had a heck of a time getting her in the Ranger.


Lisa’s big bodied doe
Photo: Lisa Coers


This will go down as one of my favorite hunts ever, because I wasn’t going to hunt at all this weekend. The evening was perfect and the sunset was awesome. I would have been happy even if I hadn’t seen any deer. I was just so shocked how the food plot could go from nothing to 11 does in a matter of minutes without me hearing a sound. The hunt could not have been more exciting if I had planned it that way. I had to go to the Dentist yesterday so I couldn’t hunt, but I am going to get my Mom out in the blind this afternoon to try and get her one more deer before the season ends for the year. I still have two tags left, so another one for me would be nice too. I will keep you posted. Thank you to Ladies in Camo for being here for all of us to share our stories with each other. I read them all!

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