Heather Staggs–Prissy City Slicker No More

Hey there I’m Heather Staggs! I was kind of a prissy city slicker girl that married a big time hunter. The first time my husband took me hunting he sat me by a tree and he went to walk up to his hunting spot in the meantime I was bored. So I was flicking sticks like little paper footballs. I got bored with that so I just sat there and out of nowhere a huge 6 point came running by me. My husband put a scope on my gun but I couldn’t see out of it so I just raised my gun and shot at the deer. Well I missed and shot the tree instead.

A year went by and I decided I wanted to go hunting again.  After days of begging my husband to take me hunting he finally gave in. So we went and found a spot in the woods I was determined to get a deer! Hours went by and the sun was starting to set so we started walking back to the truck. I was so sad that I didn’t see anything. We were walking up the path and there was a huge doe. The only thing I could see was the does head. The rest of her body was in the weeds.  My heart started pounding. My husband told me where I needed to shoot it. So I took my glasses off and raised my gun up and aimed at what I was hoping would be her shoulder. My heart was pounding! I pulled the trigger and a flame came out of the barrel I slipped a curse word because I didn’t know that would happen!

heather staggs

Hunting changed Heather’s life.
Photo: Heather Staggs

My husband looked at me and said that deer buckled. He started walking and found it. He then looked at me and said “Your shot was perfect!” I was so happy! My birthday was the next day so it was my birthday present to myself. My grandfather was also behind me and he had saw me shoot the deer. He was so happy; he got to see his grand daughter shoot her first deer! From that moment I was ready to go hunting again! So I threw my prissy city slicker attitude out the window. I can honestly say hunting changed my life. So I am ready for hunting season again because I’m going to get me a big one!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story!! I hope it gives you a good!! Enjoy:)

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