Teresa McCullough-2013 Missouri Archery Doe

It starts out on a cold , cloudy, damp drizziling day in Oct. This is my favorite kind of weather to hunt. I was in a new stand location, looking over a bean field. I was hoping the 8 point would show up. But he never did this night, but a doe about 70 yards did. She was feeding away from me, so I never thought she would come my way. I watched her till almost dark, then lowered my bow down and was getting ready to pack up for the night. Still watching her, as I lowered my bow down, then she turned and started walking my way. I thought, Oh NO!!! I grabbed my bow rope and begin to pull it back up, I was still watching her get closer, When I got my bow up to me, The rope was tied in a knot, and it was a tangled mess, I just knew this wasn’t gonna happen!! I finally got it untied, nocked an arrow, and by now she was so close I could spit on her. As I settled the pin right behind the shoulder, I let the arrow fly. She ran out to the beans and made a big loop before disappearing in the thicket. WOW!!!!  Did this just happen?

I asked myself. I often pray to God, just send me a deer, any deer. And he did just that, This was my deer and it was meant to be. So after a short sit in the stand, I climbed down to find my arrow.Guess what?? NO arrow..UGH..So I walked back to the truck to wait on my son and husband to get back. This is were the story turns. Well I have to walk through the cow pasture to the truck, And I really hate cows. I guess you could say I am scared to death of them.lol.. I know-cows, really!! But I am.So I had seen a few by the truck, but I had to pee, so I went over by the side of the truck and began undress with my pants down to my ankles and started to pee, when all of a sudden, I heard a MOOOO! It was so loud that I jumped up running with my pants down to my ankles! Quickly  I got back to the truck, standing there in the dark, with my pants still around my ankles, I thought, Only this would happen to me, Those cows have it in for me , I just know it! Anyway, my hubby and I went back to the stand to look for blood and my arrow, Couldn’t find either of them.UGH. So we went home and we were going to go back in the morning.  With dry clothes on of course. But it rained all that night. so I just knew all the blood would be gone.

We headed out in the morning to go to the farm to look for my deer. When we got there, I got back in the stand and showed my husband which way she ran. He began scouting that area.  I climbed down to look for my arrow, still no luck.  He said it might still be in her. So my husband went to the thicket, and I was still looking for my arrow, then I walked over to him, and I heard him yell.. I FOUND HER!!!!  What a relief that was. With no arrow and all blood washed away, I really didn’t think we had much of a chance finding her. But we did. And the arrow was still in her, that’s why I never could find it. I thanked God for allowing me to harvest this doe, he sent to me, on this cold, cloudy damp, drizzly night. I am very proud of this deer and it helped us put meat on the table. Thank you God, for allowing me to harvest and to find my doe. Oh, I saved a calf by the way. It got out of the fence, and my husband and I had to get it back with the others. It worked and I wasn’t even scared.  But it was daylight. and as I was leaving, I rolled the window down and yelled at the calf, “I saved your life, so go tell the other cows, not to harass me anymore when I come back to hunt”.

teresa mccullough 2013 doe

Teresa’s archery doe
Photo: Teresa McCullough


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