Shannon Best-Dorado/Mahi Mahi/Dolphin Fish

My family had traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to fish on the Happy Boy, a Sportfisher co-owned by my Dad and his best friend.  Everyone was catching lots of fish; marlin, sailfish, wahoo and dorado.  Dorado are the same fish that are called Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish depending on where you catch them.

I flipped my baitfish out, and saw a big shadow come straight for it.  The line started to strip off and I set the hook.  There is nothing quite like the sound of a reel whining from the strain of a great fish!  Almost immediately the fish started acrobatics, jumping and twisting to throw the hook.  My rod was bent almost in half as I fought this green and blue giant!  After an extreme battle, I was able to bring the dorado alongside the boat, and we were able to land him.

This dorado was the biggest one I had ever landed!  I am 5’5″ tall, and this fish was only 5 inches shorter than me.  This fish fed my family for quite a few wonderful meals.

shannons dorado

Photo Credit:  Shannon Best

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