Diane Hassinger-The “I Can Do It” Fish

Life was altered 3 years ago when I received the diagnosis of breast cancer.  After allowing myself just a very small amount of time to feel sorry for myself, I attacked the cancer with everything I could.  I underwent a bilateral mastectomy, and came home 24 hours later with tubes and drains still in place.  I make a terrible patient, so I focused on not being a patient, but getting back to normal.

The first salmon fishing after my mastectomy, was just a mere 3 weeks after the surgery. Fishing has always been important to me, so I was concerned that I would not be able to handle a fish on my rod. I took it easy at first, especially since all of my Doctor’s had told me NOT to fish at all. Obviously, I don’t always listen to Doctor’s advise either!  It did not take long for my competitive side to take over, and soon I had a salmon on the line.

The first thought through my head was “I CAN DO IT”! I fought that fish and enjoyed every second doing so. Life was starting to seem normal again. My daughter Shannon helped me land the fish, but then we had a problem. I couldn’t lift the fish for any pictures. She helped me improvise by placing the salmon on a rock, so all I would have to do is balance it. “I CAN DO IT”. That was the first of many salmon that weekend.

i can do it fish

This was the first “I Can Do It” fish.

My grandchildren have been fishing since they could walk, and salmon fishing is a big part of their lives also. My granddaughter Sarah and I fished a lot of the stream together, helping each other along the way. She would hook and fight a fish, then I would help her land it, and of course take pictures.  She in turn would help me land my fish.

i can do it fish 2

I did “allow” Dale to hold this one for me

Lots of fish were caught, good memories made, family values instilled in our grandchildren, and of course a big hurdle in my recovery was overcame. As long as I am able I will continue to fish with my family and enjoy our time together. As always “Live the Life you Love, Love the life you live”.

Photo Credit:  Diane Hassinger

Quote:  Bob Marley

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