Mara Nel-Drought Management Giraffe

I received a phone call from one of my Professional Hunter friends who asked me if I wanted to shoot a giraffe. They were culling giraffe on their property due to drought. Without hesitation, I jumped into my car and met my friend at their property about 30km away. He had the guns ready and we set off into the Bushveld almost straight away. After about 3 hours of searching for any sign of giraffe, we found a herd of 8. Moving fast but quiet, we stood about 70 meters away from the herd. The old black bull caught my eye immediately! Just magnificent! Literally standing as tall as the trees! My friend put the shooting sticks down, so I could take aim, the bull was standing perfect, with his side towards me, giving a perfect shot to the heart. The bull leaped forward when the shot went off and ran 50 meters. My heart was beating out of my chest! This was an adrenaline rush like I’d never had before! The massive giraffe bull then fell hard to the ground… It all happened very fast, from the moment the shot went off to the last breath of the black giraffe bull. I found myself still shaking hours later! This was my best hunt so far!


The meat did go to charity, though we used the back straps ourselves. I kept the Cape Skin and the back skin was sold. We cull according to impact studies, we either shoot the giraffe or they die of hunger (They can not be relocated because the property is on the red line for foot and mouth disease) These animals are beautiful, and I have a lot of respect for nature and all the animals in our beautiful Country.

Photo Credit:  Mara Nel

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