HALO Optics XL450 Laser Rangefinder ~ Nancy Jo Adams

Several bowhunters that I know don’t own a rangefinder for one reason or another. They are either very good at judging yardage or extremely lucky with their guesses. I found out on a recent bowhunting trip how important it is … Continue reading

Caldwell Lead Sled Plus ~ Jennifer Metzker

Thankfully, hunting season is just around the corner for us. In preparation, we always make sure that our rifles are shooting accurately. Sighting in a rifle can be a difficult task without the proper set up. Holding the rifle in … Continue reading

Daisy Archery ~ Leann Blasko

The sound of the arrow as you release, the feeling of excitement when your arrow hits the target, the confidence you gain, as you become a stronger shot. All of these are reasons I want my children to grown up … Continue reading

Pro Motion Targets, Swing Shot ~ Leann Blasko

Want to add a new twist on target practice? The Swing Shot by Pro Motion Targets is for the new marksman or can challenge even the most experienced marksmen. Designed to be used for airguns, archery, rifles, small caliber pistols … Continue reading

Dart Bags ~Mackenzie Walters

Ever get tired of shooting at the same old target? Ever get tired of shooting at dots or an outline of a deer? Want to have fun shooting your bow and get your family members involved? Dart Bags LLC has … Continue reading

Kustom King Traditional Archery LongLife 3D Targets- Ariel McCracken

Practice makes perfect. We’ve all heard that famous saying more than a handful of times in our lives. But when it comes to archery hunting, that particular saying is extremely valid. Archery hunting takes dedication, patience, and an accurate shot, … Continue reading

Target-Factory Proves to be Convenient and Durable – Misty Lou Lyman

How many of you have had to run and change out a paper target every 15 round or so…or have to go and set your Skoal can or Coke can back up after shooting it down?  I recently had the … Continue reading